DIY Spectrometer

We used the Public Lab Desktop Spectrometer 3.0 in preliminary research comparing DIY visible light spectrometry with laboratory grade UV-Vis spectrometry using equipment time donated by University College London’s Chemistry Department teaching laboratories. The results are recorded on Public Lab for extraction and spectra of lycopene and polyphenols.

Extractions of Micronutrients

Tomato’s Red (Lycopene)

Extract the red from tomatoes using household chemicals in this simple experiment.

Grapes’ Purple (Polyphenols)

Extract the purple from grapes using only surgical spirit in this fun experiment.

Identifying Micronutrients

Tests were made comparing laboratory grade solvents and spectrometry with DIY solvents and spectrometers and preliminary results are reported on Public Lab for spectra of lycopene and polyphenols.

Image Theatre Script

Image Theatre is a means of exploring power dynamics and agency – the effect that one entity has on the behaviour of another. In Vital’s Image Theatre, we play the roles of consumers, growers, makers of food, alongside vegetal foodstuffs and the ground from which they grow.

More about Image Theatre techniques.